Sabtu, 04 Agustus 2012

Happy July

    July 2012 has end, but the memories never. Celebrate our birthday at once make is one of adorable thing in July. Thank you for Intan,Orin & Pina who made this plan, I never thought that you are all made this so perfectly, amazing :)
   In the madness of senior high school, having friends like them is just like indian summer in the middle of the winter, yeah, it's complement.
  I forget to tell you all, on 15th July 2012, I'm 15. It's very different if I compare to my previous birthday, which it was veryyyy worst, maybe. Thank you Allah, you always makes everything good in every people who has patient.

Intan-Me-Sius-Orin-Larissa-Laras <3

Happy birthday!({})

There are good ships, and there are bad ships, but the best ships are friendships.” 

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