Selasa, 11 September 2012

New Life, Maybe?

   Now I'm in Senior High School and I have a busy life. My life has changed. I thought that senior high school's life has the best part of teen's life. But maybe I was wrong. Or I haven't found it yet?
   Maybe this is what called growing up.
   Yeah, it will never easy.
   I lost many people in my life, I'm busy and I don't know what teacher gave to us. Just task, task and task. All I know is, Homework doesn't make us smart. Could the teacher just stop giving us homework that make us dizzy? And start make the students really understand of what the lesson is? It's really hard to accept the truth. Deal with education's law in Indonesia.
   But whatever it takes, life must goes on. Nothing's gonna change anything. Deal with condition. Do your best, pray, do it with right, keep your head high!

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