Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

Recent Update

   Alhamdulillah this week isn't as busy as I started senior high school. So much things that I wanna tell you about what happened in my life, but I always have don't have a time for it. So when I opened the dashboard, It blows up with amazing posts by you all:-)

   I don't know how many weeks that I have to practice one thousand hands dance for a competition, and everyday after finishing school, saman team practice it till 5pm, and I always arrived home at 6pm. Lucky me I don't have many tasks, so It doesn't bother me..:p. But I have to permitted to my course, LPIA, for many times because I couldn't join in my class.

   The good news is, my school brings in the native from EF, so every once a week we'll get the class.
   The emmh news is, I have to memorize our national anthem but It's just not Indonesia Raya, haha we still have many songs, and I have to memorize that songs for art&cultural lesson. Hmm, It's so many btw...

"Well, no matter how much you curses your maturity level, you don't realize that is fun. Sometimes you just need a long time for rest like you had before, but you don't know there are so much things that more important for you out there. Because God created you for a reason. Don't regret growing older, It's a blessing never known by many"

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  1. yeha ,,, i love saman ,,,growing older is destiny but be " mature in wat of thingking is choice" nice to know your blog