Sabtu, 04 Mei 2013


   Time goes on, Life goes on as everyone said. Now I'm 15 and will turn to 16. And then I found why in the age start by 16, some people did such a sinful thing like commiting suicide.
   The world gets heavier as the problem that happen to everyone. God will never sent us the problem that we can't handle, but sometimes it really kills us, isn't it? People, condition and everything's changing and we can't certainly deal with it. I will not tell what's really happened to me because It's not good to be shared :)
   I hate the fact that my life is changing. I hate the fact that everything's going wrong. I don't know what God's meaning to sent me this but I hope this is the first step to make me stronger, braver and getting near with Him. Dear God, please make these things easier. Please change this situation to better situation. And please make people around me blessed. Have a nice life, everyone!

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