Minggu, 12 Juni 2016

I hope, there will be some signs

At that afternoon when I'm waiting for you
You waited for me too
Decided to pick me up somewhere
I'm waiting on the other side so I can see you first
See, I knew there will be a surprise
You were riding a new vehicle
I wasn't surprised even though I didn't know before
Because you know, my prediction of everything is almost on point

I was happy of all your achievements when you are with me
I'm happy to know you've changed to a better you

But somehow I'm afraid
I'm afraid after all this time, you wil become someone I don't know
Because for me, nothing last forever
People will always leave, isn't it?

I'm waiting for a long time
Will you say it?
Will you say it in a special way?
Is it worth waiting for a good damn long time?

I hope
There will be some signs

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