Selasa, 03 Januari 2012


How I hate my life is, how i hate what i've done in the past.
But if i live with those regrets, how can i move on? I think regret just for stupid people, and I'm stupid.... sometimes.
But this is happen beyond my control. I don't even want to remember my mistakes but it happens.
Just like this. I dreamt about you everyday! This sucks. And other people who asked me how about you. Who the hell are you? I've deleted you from my mind, but my world just don't want to and have some tricks to fail it.
Btw i love dreaming, dreaming what if I have a friend, he's a boy, he cares for me, and wants nobody to hurt me. I'm just wanna showing it in your face but i don't have one T-T. But i think, if i have a boy who just I wanna show it to you, it's not even worth. Isn't it? Yea actually that's way God haven't gimme a boy.
And what about no appetite for food? Well, I'll be always food-lover but when I'm broken heart, food and pup is just the same.. Haha and now, I through this. No appetite for food. Am i broken? It has a half of semester, am i still have broken heart for you, jerk? No, i think it's not broken heart. Because there are so many factor that the world bring to me all about you. That's why i can't erase my feeling to.... Hate you.
But after all i go through, i love my live. I'm grateful for those grace that Allah given to me. It's beyond enough.

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