Kamis, 18 Februari 2016


It's magical when you see something of what you've gone through in someone else's.
Pernah gaksih kaya ngeliat orang, orang itu sama kaya lo dulu. Tapi lo pernah jadi orang itu dulu?
That's what I said magical, because you've been on that phase, even it's not the same case but still, you know what exactly happened.
I've also been hurt in soo many ways, way too long for someone to move on. Gua move on sama mantan aja 3 taun ya lama parah-_- tapi gua belajar banyaaaaaak bgt. And time heals. Finally, time heals.
Jadi buat kalian2 disana yg belum move on, percaya deh, someday you will. And you'll realize living without him is the best decision that God gives to you.

I'm not even lying.

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