Sabtu, 24 September 2016

September Rain

          Today, we (geo environmental engineering UPNVYK'16) went to Hutan Pinus for gathering. But unluckily, a lot of us was sick and it went not very well. Heavy rain made the situation worse as I & my friend almost slipped from the motorcycle. But I was happy because when we want to go back, I and Mutia was singing happily on motorcycle while the rain hitted us so hard (with more than an hour riding). I'm so happy that there's a person who likes music and singing as much as I do. Back in Hutan Pinus, as environmental student, we also made many slogans to remind the visitor about cleanliness and stuff. So happy that finally I finally did my hobby : Painting!
So one time when you want to visit Hutan Pinus in Yogyakarta, please do find this picture cause I'm very happy that my painting (with my team) is there!!

          Also I'm very proud of myself that I wasn't dying even though that I was feeling sick. I remind myself to be healthy and I survived. Thanks God for your miracles today. I'm very grateful for everything.

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