Senin, 31 Oktober 2016

Thank You

Dear God, We know that it's never easy for me to walk this far after many heartbreaks I cry so many nights for the things that makes me die day by day
But You are the reason why I'm strong enough to face many struggles in life
And You are the one who makes me who I am today

For the people out there who brave enough to fall in love after many heartbreaks,
I salute you
Life is not so easy when people don't know about your history, It's not their jobs anyway
But when you choose to be a better person day by day by believing yourself,
When you choose to open your heart again,
When you choose to see the beautiful in everything,
I salute you

I want to celebrate this 5 years passed that I finally find someone who makes me think that I'm worth it
I don't know if It's going to be with him or not, but I don't care.
It's not easy to know the past of someone, but again, It's never wrong to open your heart and look deeper
Because I'm not perfect, neither everybody is

Dear God, I always force myself to be better
And I'm happy that he also makes improvements in his life from supports of mine
It's nice to see we're struggling
Until the next time,

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